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ABOUT "Fishmandu"

Fishmandu Sushi is a Japanese restaurant, owners from Nepal experienced & self-Motivated nestled in the heart of San Francisco-bay area. With very high quality Food Fishmandu brings casual & humble environment which makes "FISHMANDU" Special among other restaurants. Fishmandu A communal space for relaxed social launch & dining.


2 Guys originally From Nepal here in the bay area are so inspired with  San Francisco lifestyle teamed together to bring great food & Service that People in San Francisco are always looking for. Very artistic Sushi and the environment here will definitely make your day. You will Enjoy every bite of your Food & Talk to "R & B" (Ree2 & Buddhi) as team has alot to share & talk. 

Meet our Chef


Chef BUDDHI carries 10 years of experience as a Sushi chef and been in the food industry for almost 15years, moved from Nepal he was taken to the Sushi Restaurant in Half Moon Bay by his aunt. Excited Buddhi was also Shocked that sushi as a Raw fish been eaten by every people bcoz nepal is a landlocked country and never saw the uncooked fish eaten. Was offered an exchange of Wasabi ball for a job, he took the challenge - brust in his mouth and tears in his eyes let him enter the world of Sushi. Well trained from Chef, hard work & dedication to his work for almost a decade led him as a very professional Chef.

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